8301 S. Interstate 35 Frontage Rd., Austin, Texas 78744

MON: Closed | TUE - SAT: 10am - 9pm | SUN: 11am - 7pm

*Access to shooting lanes ends 30 minutes prior to closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation

01 What are the hours of operation?


Tuesday – Saturday:
10am to 9pm

11am to 7pm

The lanes shut down 30 minutes prior to closing for cleaning and maintenance.

The Patriot Club will be closed on Mondays.

02 Is The Range open to the public or is it Members-only?

Both. We have a membership component that offers many benefits and we are open to the public and walk-in customers.

03 Is there any outdoor shooting?

No, we are an indoor only shooting facility.


01 Are memberships transferable?

Only VIP Lifetime memberships are transferable.

02 When can I expect my membership bill?

Statements will be delivered monthly via email.

03 Can I use a guest pass for a group of friends?

No, one guest pass is allotted for each person. You will receive your guest passes yearly. After your guest passes are used, you must pay the guest fee per person if sharing a lane or your guests will need to purchase range time on a separate lane.

04 Are my benefits a one-time use?

No, all benefits are reoccurring each year.

05 Do I have to pay for range fees if I pay a monthly membership?

No, your range fees are included in your membership.

06 Are initiation fees one time or reoccurring every year?

Initiation fee is a one-time only payment.

07 If I have a complimentary pass, how long can I shoot for?

One hour.

08 Do you provide lockers or storage for guns?

Lockers are provided for VIP members only in the Patriot Club. However, storage of firearms in the member’s locker is strictly prohibited.

09 What is The Patriot Club?

The Patriot Club is a private social club located on the second floor of The Range at Austin. With 10,700 square feet of premium member space, The Patriot Club houses eight private lanes, five dedicated meeting rooms, member lockers, café service, private patio and luxury lounge available to VIP Members and their guests. Please refer to the VIP Membership page for more information.

10 Am I locked into a membership?

Memberships can be paid monthly or annually. To discontinue your membership, you will need to provide written notification to the membership department and your membership will be terminated in 30 days.


01 Can I rent firearms? How much does it cost?

Yes, you are able to rent pistols, rifles and machine guns. Prices will vary per firearm, $15-$75.


Non-member Renters must be in a minimum group of 2, or, have brought their own firearm to the range if solo.


Range Safety Officers ALWAYS accompany Machine Gun renters.

02 What kind of machine guns will be available to rent? Are they fully automatic?

Mostly modern military-style machine guns will be available. Yes, both full and semi-auto.

03 What brands will you carry?

Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Coonan, Wilson Combat, Mag-Pul, Troy, Leopold, Aimpoint, Eo-tech among many other quality products.

What is Permitted

01 Are there any restrictions on the ammo a person can use at The Range?

Steel core and remanufactured ammo is not allowed.

02 Is full metal jacket allowed?


03 What is the highest caliber you allow?

375 H&H.

04 Are bump fire stocks allowed?


05 Can customers bring their own fully automatic weapons provided everything is in compliance with regulations?


06 Is holster draw allowed?

Yes, but you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Arrange time with the training department to test with one of our instructors
  • Attend one of our classes, such as Intro to Pistol, or
  • Show the instructors that you have taken one of Jeff Gonzales’ courses (need to provide certificate).
07 After shooting, can I pick up my own brass?

So long as it is within your firing area and safe to pick up (and not across the firing line).

08 Can I shoot a rifle on the 25-yard lanes?


09 Is there a dress code to shoot at The Range?

While we will not regulate what you can or cannot wear, it would be recommended to wear closed toed shoes and high neckline shirts to protect yourself from brass that is discharged from your firearm.

Lane Rentals for General Admission

01 What is the rate for hourly lane rentals?

$25 for Pistol (25-yard lanes) and $30 for Rifle (100-yard lanes).

02 Is the quoted rate for the lane or per person?

Rate is for one person in one lane for one hour.


Additional shooters may be added for $10. Maximum of 4 shooters per lane.

03 Does the rate stay the same if more than one pistol (or rifle) is used?


Retail & Gunsmithing

01 Do you sell eye and ear protection or should I bring my own?

Yes, we will have eye and ear protection available for purchase.

02 Is there a gunsmith on site?

Yes, services range from quick cleanings to installs, refinishing, and repairs.

Age Limit

01 What is the minimum age for entry at The Range?

If you feel your child can handle a firearm safely, then he or she may do so under the supervision of a legal guardian. We do not have an age minimum to shoot a firearm and all minors under the age of 21 must shoot with a legal guardian present.


01 Can the general public rent space to hold parties/events or conferences?

Yes. Please contact Angie Neal at angie@therangeaustin.com for more information.

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