PUBLIC HOURS: Sun–Thu 11AM to 9PM & Fri–Sat 10AM to 9PM

8301 S IH 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78744



Are you open to the public?
Yes, everyone is welcome to shoot with us. The Range at Austin is our area’s premier gun store, gun range and firearms training facility. If you are not bringing your own firearms and only planning to rent you must come with one other person. We do not rent to single parties.

Can I bring my own firearms?
Yes, we allow individuals to bring their own guns, but we do ask for everyone’s safety that they are cased when entering the building.

Can I make a reservation?
We do not offer reservations unless you have a membership. However, if you have purchased one of our event packages a reservation will be provided with the purchase.

Do you offer discounts for Military, Law Enforcement, or Veterans?
Active duty military receive 25% off with a CAC.
Active duty police receive 50% off with a department issued ID or in uniform.
Veterans, retired military, retired police, active duty Fire/EMS services receive 25% off on Thursdays with some form of government ID.

Do you offer a senior citizen discount?
We offer 10% off for adults over 65 with proof of identification.

What safety precautions do you take?
The Range at Austin has an RSO (Range Safety Officer) inside of each bay at all times when in use.
Staff is always aware of firearms entering and exiting the buildings. We expect all guns to be cased when inside the facility.
Before being given a rental firearm a staff member will give a safety demo to ensure understanding of firearm safety and firearm use.
If you feel you need more help we do offer private safety officers for $50.00

How much is ammo?
Price of ammo varies depending on the caliber and how many rounds you are looking to purchase. Typically, $20-$40 is a good estimate for 9mm or higher. For specifics, feel free to call us.

What are the ammo restrictions?
We ask you do not use reloads, armor piercing, tracers, or steel core. Everything else is fair game.

I had a good, great, or bad experience. Who can I contact?
We would love to hear from you at or feel free to message us on any of our social media platforms. We also love hearing your feedback via Yelp, Google reviews or other review platforms!