Defensive Mindset


Own a gun for home defense, carry every day, or are considering gun ownership for personal defense? This class is designed to give you a practical framework for thinking about defending yourself and your loved ones.


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This 2-hour class introduces the 4 pillars of personal defense; technical, tactical, mental and physical.


• Discover how the body reacts to high stress and techniques you can use to help manage panic

• Understand the importance of practice, conditioning and skill development

• Develop basic strategies to mitigate risk in everyday scenarios

• Learn the different stages of alertness and mental preparation for conflict

• Develop mental strategies for predicting potential conflicts

• Create go/no go criterion and learn about the three “d’s”

• Learn techniques to improve communication skills and avoid potential conflicts


Hours: 2 hours

Maximum Students: 8

Class Times: 6pm-8pm


Prerequisites: None


Required Gear

• Note book & pen

• Drinks and snacks

• Open mind

Additional information


July 17, August 21, October 21

Event Details

Day 1: July 17, 2019

Day 2: August 21, 2019

Day 3: October 21, 2019

Start time: 06:00 p.m.

End time: 08:00 p.m.