EDC Experience


The Bullseye Marksmanship Workshop (BMS) is a two-hour workshop designed to develop and evaluate your raw marksmanship skills.

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2 Hours, 6-8PM


The EDC Experience (EDC-E) is a two-hour workshop designed to familiarize shooters with various handguns ideally suited for everyday carry. These handguns represent the most popular models both sold and used in our training classes. The shooter will rotate through four (4) different handguns using a special course of fire designed to evaluate performance evenly. The experience gives the concealed carry practitioner unique insight otherwise unavailable. Useful for both those new to concealed carry and those who are interested in new or upgraded handguns.


Equipment list:


  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition
  • Range appropriate clothing; long pants, collared shirt, athletic shoes and a ball cap
  • Clear ballistic wrap around eye protection and hearing protection
  • Fluids and snacks (for classroom only)
  • Note taking material
  • Open mind


Prerequisites: None

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