Folding Knife 1


In this 2-hour brief you will be exposed to the 4-Pillars of Personal Defense; technical, tactical, mental and physical.


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The Folding Knife 1 (K1) is a 1-day class for those who carry or are interested in carrying a folding knife for self-defense and deadly force encounters. Subjects include: introduction to the folding knife, safety & training considerations, general legal considerations, choosing a folding knife, carrying, drawing & deploying a folding knife, various grips, basic targeting, introduction to feeder/receiver mindset and TRICON basic 4-count template. Practical evolutions include the TRICON basic 4-count template from deployed, draw and carry mode. Training partner evolutions include TRICON basic 4-count template versus static and active role players. The final training exercise will test learned skills as they conduct scenarios versus an active opponent.

Hours: 6
Number of Students: 16
Class Times: 9am-3pm


Required Gear

• Long pants, long sleeve shirt and comfortable street shoes
• Concealed carry rig (sturdy belt, holster and magazine pouch) or First Line Gear
• Inert training pistol (optional)
• Handheld flashlight with pocket clip
• Clear eye protection
• Notebook and pen
• Hydration system and energy snacks

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