Holster & Drawstroke Workshop


The Bullseye Marksmanship Workshop (BMS) is a two-hour workshop designed to develop and evaluate your raw marksmanship skills.

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2 Hours, 6-8PM


The Holster & Drawstroke Workshop (HDW) is a two-hour workshop designed to introduce the subject of holster selection and drawstroke technique. The holster selection brief discusses important features to consider when purchasing. The workshop shifts to learning the proper and safe drawstroke technique. Students will practice their drawstroke technique using dry fire practice leading to timed drills on paper and steel. Students walk away learning how to select a holster then safely draw to a target.


Equipment List:


  • Service handgun (9mm recommended)
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition
  • 3x pistol magazines minimum
  • Rigid holster
  • Sturdy gun belt
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • Clear ballistic wrap around eye protection and ear protection
  • Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication (optional)
  • Fluids and snacks (for classroom only)
  • Note taking material
  • Open mind


Prerequisites: None

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