License to Carry Pro


This convenient 2-day format combines the License to Carryclass with the Concealed Carry 1 class.

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This convenient 2-day format combines the License to Carry state required material with formalized classroom instruction on handgun, ammunition and holster selection. Then a supervised range session on how to safely draw from the holster along with shooting drills. Students walk away with the state required material and are better equipped with practical knowledge and skills for carrying concealed on a daily basis. Day-1 9:00am to 3:00pm
The License to Carry (LTC) course starts with the 6-hour Texas required training course for first time applicants. The course consists of a state mandated 5-hours of classroom instruction from a DPS certified instructor. Students must pass a written and a firearm proficiency test. The 1-hour Firearm Proficiency portion consists of a 50 round course of fire.
Topics include:
• Texas laws pertaining to the Use of Force/Deadly Force and weapons;
• Safety and use of handguns, holsters and secure open carrying of handguns;
• Non-violent dispute resolution;
• Safe and proper storage practices for firearms emphasizing practices that eliminate potential for accidental injury to a child.
Day-2 12:00pm to 6:00pm
The Carry 1 is a BEGINNER level 1-day class for the novice student or new to concealed carry.
Topics included
• Gun safety rules & range protocol
• Safe gun handling techniques
• Practical shooting method
• Principles of marksmanship
• Cover garment requirements and restrictions for concealed carry
• The pro’s & con’s for various open top holsters designed for concealed carry
• The pro’s & con’s for various inside the waistband holsters designed for concealed carry
• One and two hand cover garment clearing techniques
• Drawstroke drills from an on the waistband holster from open and concealed conditions

License to Carry Pro (cont)

A combination of lecture, A/V presentation and hands-on exercises will be utilized to keep the class safe, enjoyable and informative.

Hours: 2 days
Number of Students: 8
Class Times: 9am-3pm, 12-6pm


Required Gear

• Semi-automatic handgun (.380ACP, 9mm, .40cal, or 45ACP)*
• 500 rounds of factory ammunition
• 3 x magazines
• Long pants, comfortable t-shirt/polo, athletic shoes and a ball cap
• Sturdy belt
• On the waistband (OWB) holster*
• Range appropriate clothing (long pants and collared shirts with no open toe footwear)
• Note taking materials and pen/pencil
• Eye and ear protection
• Open mind

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Saturday & Sunday May 25th and 26th