Pistol Low Light


The Pistol Low Light (PLL) is a 1-day class on the tactical employment of a pistol during hours of low light or darkness.


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The Pistol Low Light (PLL) is a one-day class on the tactical employment of a pistol during hours of low light or darkness. The students will receive specialized instruction on principles of low light tactics. How to select supporting equipment used in low light such as handheld flashlights, weapon mounted lights and night sights. Under various lighting conditions they will employ hand held flashlights to search, identify and engage targets in conjunction with firearms. Graded evolutions throughout the class provide instant feedback to the student on skill development, technique deficiencies and overall ability

Hours: 8
Number of Students: 8
Class Times: 8am-5pm


Concealed Carry 1 or equivalent

Required Gear

• Defensive pistol (9mm suggested) *
• Handheld tactical light
• Weapon mounted light with suitable holster (optional)
• 500 rounds of factory ammunition
• 5 x pistol magazines minimum
• 5 x inert training rounds
• Range appropriate clothing; long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic shoes and a ball cap
• Rigid belt
• On the Waistband (OWB) holster *
• Single and/or double magazine pouch
• Clear, wrap around ballistic eye protection
• Hearing protection (electronic recommended)
• Hydration system and energy snacks
• Notebook with pen/pencil
• Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication (optional)
• Open mind



Attendance Policy: Once registered, if unable to attend class you may transfer to another class similar to the original. The procedure you must follow is to emailtraining@therangeaustin.com prior to the conflicted class date with the requested new date subject to availability. This email must be received prior to the registered class. If you cancel, you will lose 50% of your registration fee. If you are a no show, you will lose 100% of your registration fee.

Additional information


August 16

Event Details

Day 1: August 16, 2019

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.