Pistol 4


The Pistol 4 is an advanced 3-dayclass for vetted shooters and professional gunmen. The goal of this class is innovative usage of the defensive pistol in deadly force encounters.


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The Pistol 4 is an advanced 3-day class for vetted shooters and professional gunmen.
• Review gun safety rules & range protocol
• Demonstrate safe gun handling procedures
• Explain the Defensive Mindset
• Demonstrate the practical shooting method
• Define basic equipment such as holsters, magazine pouches and belts
• Practice combat marksmanship skills
• Test & evaluate combat marksmanship skills
• Practice ready position shooting techniques
• Practice draw stroke shooting techniques
• Test & evaluate ready position and draw stroke shooting techniques
• Practice reloading, clearing and ammunition management techniques
• Define anatomical target zones
• Explain external and terminal ballistics.
• Demonstrate standard and non-standard shooting positions
• Demonstrate strong & weak hand only shooting techniques
• Demonstrate shooting on the move techniques
• Practice close contact shooting techniques
• Explain the difference between cover and concealment
• Practice use of cover shooting techniques
• Define field maintenance and small parts breakage issues
• Practice handheld flashlight shooting techniques
• Practice multiple threat shooting techniques

Hours: 3 days
Number of Students: 8
Class Times:


Must have passed Pistol 3 or be personally invited by the Director of Training

Required Gear

• Tactical pistol (weapon light optional)
• 2,000 functional rounds of pistol ammunition
• 5 pistol magazines minimum (9 magazines for single stacks)
• 5 inert training rounds (no A-Zooms)
• Training uniform (ball cap and gloves)
• 1st Line gear (rigid belt, sturdy holster, magazine pouches and dump pouch)
• Handheld flashlight
• Multi-tool
• Clear wrap around ballistic eye and hearing protection
• Hydration system and energy snacks
• Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication

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