Pistol 4


The Pistol 4 is an advanced 3-day class for vetted shooters and professional gunmen. The goal of this class is innovative usage of the defensive pistol in deadly force encounters.


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The Pistol 4 is an advanced 3-day class held at our Austin shooting range for vetted shooters and professional gunmen. Students learn a variety of skills; from gun safety rules to practicing multiple threat shooting techniques. Check out the entire list of objectives for this handgun training class:

• Review gun safety rules & range protocol
• Demonstrate safe gun handling procedures
• Explain the Defensive Mindset
• Demonstrate the practical shooting method
• Define basic equipment such as holsters, magazine pouches and belts
• Practice combat marksmanship skills
• Test & evaluate combat marksmanship skills
• Practice ready position shooting techniques
• Practice draw stroke shooting techniques
• Test & evaluate ready position and draw stroke shooting techniques
• Practice reloading, clearing and ammunition management techniques
• Define anatomical target zones
• Explain external and terminal ballistics.
• Demonstrate standard and non-standard shooting positions
• Demonstrate strong & weak hand only shooting techniques
• Demonstrate shooting on the move techniques
• Practice close contact shooting techniques
• Explain the difference between cover and concealment
• Practice use of cover shooting techniques
• Define field maintenance and small parts breakage issues
• Practice handheld flashlight shooting techniques
• Practice multiple threat shooting techniques

Hours: 3 days
Number of Students: 8
Class Times:



Must have passed Pistol 3 or be personally invited by the Director of Training


Required Gear

• Tactical pistol (weapon light optional)
• 2,000 functional rounds of pistol ammunition
• 5 pistol magazines minimum (9 magazines for single stacks)
• 5 inert training rounds (no A-Zooms)
• Training uniform (ball cap and gloves)
• 1st Line gear (rigid belt, sturdy holster, magazine pouches and dump pouch)
• Handheld flashlight
• Multi-tool
• Clear wrap around ballistic eye and hearing protection
• Hydration system and energy snacks
• Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication


* Due to the heightened risk of negligent discharges from trigger finger actuated retention feature, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center has prohibited these types of holsters. After careful consideration and continued concern for shooter safety we at The Range Austin will no longer permit these types of holsters. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Training Department.



Attendance Policy: Once registered, if unable to attend class you may transfer to another class similar to the original. The procedure you must follow is to email training@therangeaustin.com prior to the conflicted class date with the requested new date subject to availability. This email must be received prior to the registered class. If you cancel, you will lose 50% of your registration fee. If you are a no show, you will lose 100% of your registration fee.

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