Pistol Shooting and Moving


The Pistol Shooting & Moving is a 1-dayclass for shooting on the move with a pistol in tactical situations.


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The Pistol Shooting & Moving is a one-day class for shooting on the move with a pistol in tactical situations. The fundamentals of shooting on the move, emphasizing mobility and stability while effectively engaging targets are introduced. Instruction and opportunities to engage targets while moving from a variety of directions and speeds are a major activity of this class. Discussion on fundamentals of movement, categories of movement, movement skills and performing weapons manipulations. The student walks way with an increased hit potential while engaging threats on the move and greater situational awareness while moving.

Hours: 8
Number of Students: 8
Class Times: 8am-5pm


Class Concealed Carry 1 or equivalent

Required Gear

• Defensive pistol (9mm suggested) *
• 500 rounds of factory ammunition
• 5 x pistol magazines minimum
• 5 x inert training rounds
• Range appropriate clothing; long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic shoes and a ball cap
• Rigid belt
• On the Waistband (OWB) holster *
• Single and/or double magazine pouch
• Clear, wrap around ballistic eye protection
• Hearing protection (electronic recommended)
• Hydration system and energy snacks
• Notebook with pen/pencil
• Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication (optional)
• Open mind

Additional information


August 6, September 13

Event Details

Day 1: August 06, 2019

Day 2: September 13, 2019

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.