Rifle 1


The Rifle 1 is a BEGINNERlevel 1-dayclass for the novice student or new AR-15 rifle owner.


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The Rifle 1 is a BEGINNER level 1-day class for the novice student or new AR-15 rifle owner.
• State gun safety rules & range protocol
• Demonstrate safe gun handling techniques
• State nomenclature and describe gun operations
• Demonstrate the proper mounting and use of an adjustable rifle sling for an AR-15 rifle
• Learn how to use traditional iron sights or red dot optical sights
• Learn supported rifle positions for improved accuracy
• Perform correct rifle zeroing procedures for AR-15 rifle
• State the three parts to the practical shooting method
• Demonstrate the practical shooting method
• State the principles of marksmanship
• Demonstrate preparatory & basic marksmanship shooting skills
• Demonstrate ready positions shooting techniques

Hours: 8
Number of Students: 8
Class Times: 8am-5pm


None, but Pistol 1 is highly recommended

Required Gear

• Semi-automatic AR-15 rifle (5.56mm or 22cal recommended)*
*For the safety and experience of all students no muzzle brakes or compensators are allowed
• Adjustable rifle sling
• Iron sights required and red dot optical sight are optional
• 250 rounds of factory ammunition* (Bi-metal ammunition is prohibited)
• 2 x rifle magazines
• Range appropriate clothing; long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic shoes and a ball cap
• Clear, wrap-around ballistic eye and hearing protection
• Notebook with pen/pencil
• Open mind
*22cal AR-15 rifle rental and ammunition purchase available onsite

Additional information


September 27

Event Details

Start date: September 27, 2019

End date: September 27, 2019

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 05:00 p.m.